Denise Welch's children wouldn't be surprised if she dated a woman.

Denise Welch

Denise Welch

The 60-year-old actress has two sons, Louis, 17, and Matt, 29, who is the lead singer of band The 1975, with her ex-husband Tim Healy.

Although Denise is now married to Lincoln Townley, she has had "a couple of snogs with girls" in the past and if she ever did enter a same-sex relationship, she thinks her family would be comfortable with it.

In an interview with DIVA magazine, she said "There have been the odd moments in my life ... I've always predominantly been with men, but I have had a couple of snogs with girls and, to be honest, if I ever had wanted to be with a woman I wouldn't have an issue with it, and nor would my immediate family. I don't think anything would surprise my children!"

Denise - who on Friday's episode of 'Loose Women' confessed to kissing another woman on a night out whilst married to actor Tim - can next be seen as "later life lesbian" Mauve in upcoming web TV show 'Different For Girls' and she did a lot of research into women in a similar position.

She said: "I've looked a lot more into it and I've talked to a lot of people. In fact, a friend of mine has just started going out with someone in her 50s who has just come out. Now she's allowed to be who she wants to be."

The former 'Waterloo Road' star has spoken candidly about her mental health difficulties in the past byt she feels stronger than ever these days.

She said: "I feel better, physically and mentally, than I did at my 50th and indeed at my 40th...

"I've made lots of changes in my life. Giving up alcool doesn't stop depression but it stops compounding it."