Just two days ago (May 16th, 2022), Rakuten TV announced that they have begun shooting for its next original project. 

Filming begins! / Picture Credit: Rakuten TV
Filming begins! / Picture Credit: Rakuten TV

Discovering Canary Islands is Rakuten’s next Original; it will be an adventure reality show, hosted by Pilar Rubio, a Spanish reporter. In the show’s first-ever series, audiences will be taken around the Canary Islands, as the title suggests. 

Rubio has said that she is "happy to be able to present a show that will reach 42 European countries. It is a format which is hugely identifiable: a family show, full of adventures in a unique setting!" 

The show intends to pull the cloth back on some amazing and spellbinding myths that surround the islands. Contestants, of which there will be eight (each a different nationality), will be immersed in the exciting culture and traditions. 

The eight contestants, all of which are still to be announced, will battle it out to be the best explorer in Europe. However, the explorers believe there to be eight islands, when in fact, there are nine. 

La Graciosa, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Palma, El Hierro and La Gomera hide their own legends. Between reality and folklore, history and fiction, there is reportedly a ninth island, known as San Borondón. 

It is known as Whale Island, because of the way it appears and disappears in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean; it has, for good reason, been the dream of cartographers and sailors for centuries. 

Rakuten's new project is underway / Picture Credit: Rakuten TV
Rakuten's new project is underway / Picture Credit: Rakuten TV

The incredible scenery provided by the Canary Islands will be the backdrop for challenges of strength, intelligence and skill as the contestants race to be the best across six thrilling episodes. 

Each challenge that is completed leads to a key to the following challenge; there is a choice between an advantage or a reward for each key collected, as well as the possibility of obtaining a clue in the form of a coordinate and part of the legend to reach the final goal: San Borondón. 

The first-look images that have been revealed for the series see the crew setting up in two stunning locations, giving viewers a small glimpse into what they can expect when the show airs. 

There is no release date for Discovering Canary Islands as of yet, but more information, and perhaps even a trailer, will hopefully be revealed soon. 

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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