Russell T. Davies has teased the ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas episode will be a complete “reinvention” of the show.

Russell T. Davies is excited about the new era of Doctor Who

Russell T. Davies is excited about the new era of Doctor Who

The showrunner insisted the festive special, which will mark Ncuti Gatwa's first adventure as the Timelord opposite his companion Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) won't be a total "reboot" of the franchise, but it will mark the beginning of a "new era".

He told SFX Magazine: “It’s completely a reinvention. Reinvention of the show, brand new, but not a reboot, it’s the same old show, everything starts again, everything’s seen through the eyes of Ruby Sunday and it’s that love feeling of here we go, a new era beginning. Lovely.

“[It] kind of goes into territory we’ve never touched before. In many ways that’s more … fresher than special two. We’ve never done this before.”

Russell insisted even viewers with no real knowledge of the series will be able to tune in and enjoy the story, which is titled 'The Church on Ruby Road' and will also feature Davina McCall as herself.

He explained: “It’s [the Christmas Special] completely freestanding and indeed when the series starts, you can watch that from scratch and yet faithful viewers … It’s unashamedly the story of Ruby, it’s called ‘The Church On Ruby Road’ because that’s where the church is where Ruby is left as a baby in 2004.

“So she’s named after that church. She’s a foundling, so no one knows who her mother or father is. She is named after the church on Ruby Road which does carry over into the series itself."

And he's promised a hugely satisfying conclusion to Ruby's story.

He teased: “Not every question is answered in the Christmas Special, and that continues all the way through to the most magnificent finale ever shot on planet Earth. No hype! I swear that’s true.”

‘Doctor Who’ can be streamed on BBC iPlayer and Disney+.