Millie Gibson is tipped to get her Hollywood break in 2024.

Millie Gibson is tipped to get her Hollywood break in 2024

Millie Gibson is tipped to get her Hollywood break in 2024

The 19-year-old actress, who played Kelly Neelan on ‘Coronation Street, will make her debut as Ruby Sunday alongside Ncuti Gatwa’s Time Lord in the ‘Doctor Who’ 60th Anniversary Special on Christmas Day, and insiders believe will propel her to Hollywood stardom.

Brand and culture expert Nick Ede said: “Millie tackled some really heavy storylines in 'Corrie', which will show Hollywood producers she’s adept at lots of roles and is a very believable actress.

“Paired with her good looks and terrific personality, I can see her being cast in a blockbuster quicker than you can say Tardis.”

Nick emphasised that the actress’ breakout role in the BBC sci-fi show will make her “one to watch in 2024” as casting directors will want to cash in on her recognition and popularity.

Millie would not be the first ‘Doctor Who’ star to find her way into Hollywood. Karen Gillan, who played Amy Ponds alongside Matt Smiths incarnation of the Time Lord went on to play Nebula in Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ franchise, whilst Catherine Tate, who has returned with David Tennant for the 60th Anniversary Specials, landed a role in the US version of ‘The Office’ after her time on the BBC programme came to an end in 2008.

Although the young actress is tipped to shoot to stardom, Millie has admitted she is not ready for global fame.

She told The Times magazine: “No, it doesn’t seem real. It feels like we’ve made a lovely little project and it’s never going to be released to the world — but it is. I’ve got to wrap my head around that. I’m bracing myself.”

“So many people have sat me down and said, ‘Look, your life will change.’ It is hard to accept that.

“It’s a baffling thing to be told, to be honest. The first part was actually doing the job, preparing for that. And then the second part will be preparing for when it comes out.”