Russell T Davies has announced 'Rose: The Sequel' will air online this evening (26.03.20).

Russell T Davies

Russell T Davies

The former 'Doctor Who' showrunner has added to already special day of Time Lord treats for Whovians, and he confirmed another adventure set after 'Rose' - which was the original 2005 'pilot' for the rebooted version of the sci-fi show starring Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor and Billie Piper as the titular Rose Tyler.

He tweeted: "Okay, so, PREQUEL on the BBC website at 2, then 2.30 on my instagram in a different format. What can this mean?!

"Rose at 7pm, then 7.45pm, ROSE: THE SEQUEL. Yes! The sequel! I can't stay on here all day, sorry, back later #TripOfALifetime (sic)"

It's not known what the sequel will involve, but watchalong organiser Emily Cook revealed Russell wrote a brand new script for the adventure.

She added: "Yes, it's happening!!! Russell's written it. I've produced it. And we can't wait to share it with you all later! #TripofaLifetime #DoctorWho (sic)"

Meanwhile, the prequel - titled 'Doctor Who and the Time War' - was published as a story on the BBC website, and Russell explained he was originally asked to write the story for Doctor Who Magazine, but Steven Moffat's 'Day of the Doctor' put a stop to it.

He said: "So the idea was snuffed a-borning. Until 2020. When a science fiction-shaped virus came along to change our lives (honestly, I've written the end of the world 100 times, but I never imagined everyone just sitting at home).

"Emily Cook of DWM created the livestream Day of the Doctor, then turned to Rose, and asked me if I had anything to offer..?

"At exactly the same time, Chris Chibnall emailed me, saying we need the Doctor more than ever these days, and could I think of any material? By some miracle this file still existed. (sic)"