Russell T Davies had "a little more written" for Bernard Cribbins before his death.

Bernard Cribbins returned to Doctor Who for just one scene, but more was written

Bernard Cribbins returned to Doctor Who for just one scene, but more was written

The 'Doctor Who' showrunner has paid tribute to the late actor - who died in July 2022 - after he reprised his role as Wilf, the grandfather of Catherine Tate's Donna Noble, in just one scene of recent episode 'Wild Blue Yonder'.

Reflecting on the poignant moment, he wrote on Instagram: "Farewell, old soldier. That’s goodnight and goodbye to our beloved Bernard.

"Wilf is mentioned in dispatches next week, all safe and sound, don’t worry, but that’s the only scene Bernard was able to film.

"We had a wonderful time! We’d never lost touch, in all these years, so I phoned him up and asked him to come back. He sniffed and said, 'Let me see the script.'

"We had a wonderful readthrough with 120 people at which he was adored by one and all. A lovely dinner in Cardiff where he regaled us with tales galore, twinkling as ever.

"Then the shoot in Camden - you can see in Unleashed and read in next week’s DWM how much he enjoyed that.

"And then… we had a little more written, but it wasn’t to be; at 93 years old, the old soldier had given us his best, and stepped away. Night, Bernard, and thank you. I love you."

At the end of the episode, Wilf was seen as the Doctor (David Tennant) and Donna returned to Earth and stepped out of the TARDIS.

Wilf assured the Time Lord that while the Nobles are safe, the world has gone mad, with chaos and destruction all around.

Meanwhile, the episode itself was dedicated to Cribbins, with a special message at the end which read: "In loving memory of Bernard Cribbins, 1928 to 2022."