Dynamo would love to see Prince Charles as his support act on tour.



The magician is to embark on a string of UK tour dates later this year and wants to enlist the royal's talents, to warm up the crowd before he goes on-stage.

Asked if he'd be open to the prince being his opening act, he said to BANG Showbiz: "Yeah, I'd want to vet what he was going to do first to make sure it's of the right calibre, but if he wants to be my support act we can talk."

Meanwhile, Prince Charles expressed an interest in Dynamo in the past and was later inducted into the Magic Circle after passing an audition in 1975, and Dynamo revealed the prince finds it funny when jokes are made about his magic tricks.

"I've done magic on the royal family quite a bit and my business was started by the Prince's Trust. Prince Charles left me a couple of grand and then, boom.

"Whenever I see him, he always says to me, 'Hey Dynamo, how's tricks?' like it's the first time he's ever said it."

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