Eamonn Holmes was forced to walk out of 'Good Morning Britain' live on air this morning (10.04.18) after he suffered an embarrassing coughing fit.

Eamonn Holmes and Kate Garraway

Eamonn Holmes and Kate Garraway

The 58-year-old presenter was interviewing comedian Julian Clary on the early morning show alongside Kate Garraway when he developed a tickle in his throat.

As Julian spoke about his new children's book towards the end of the show, he glanced at Eamonn and said: "I'm trying to talk while Eamonn is coughing away."

Eamonn replied: "I'm sorry mate I got one of those air conditioned coughs on the plane. I think what I might do is leave and let you guys carry on."

Kate spun round and said: "Oh really? Bless you, are you that bad?"

Gesturing towards Julian, he said through his cough: "Well it's disrespectful."

He then walked off and didn't return for the rest of the programme.

Julian quipped: "Will he ever be seen again?"

Kate, laughing, said: "Are you the man to finish Eamonn Holmes off Julian?"

The interview then wrapped up and Kate said: "That's it, we've lost Eamonn!"

This isn't the first time Eamonn's throat has let him down as he was forced to pull out of presenting on 'This Morning' at the beginning of the year after he lost his voice.

Taking to his Twitter account at the time, he said: "Things not good today folks ..... Got an impossibly sore throat. Don't need this - sooo much to do - but unfortunately Talking is my business. Bloomin Heck it hurts (sic)," followed by three pained emojis.

Eamonn's wife Ruth Langsford, with whom he has 15-year-old son Jack, kicked off the show on her own, explaining why her husband was not beside her as usual, before Alison Hammond rushed into the frame with her suitcase in tow.

Ruth, 57, said: "They're dropping like flies in my house.

"Jack was off all week with the lurgy, and this morning Eamonn woke up with no voice. He was literally having to write notes."