Emilia Fox thinks "good writing" help 'Silent Witness' stay fresh.

Emilia Fox

Emilia Fox

The 44-year-old actress has starred as Dr. Nikki Alexander on the detective drama for 14 years now, and with the show set to return next month for its 22nd season she has opened up on its longevity.

Appearing on 'Sunday Brunch', she said: "Good writing, that's what it's about.

"And picking subjects which are current and keeping it mixed up with having a thriller, or having an action one, or having one which is very, very medically led."

Meanwhile, Emilia - who joined the show in 2004 following the departure of Amanda Burton - also pointed to the the uniqueness of the programme which sets it apart from others in the genre.

She added: "I think that the interest is finding the clues through the bodies, so it makes it a bit different to the normal detective drama.

"So you're really having a behind-the-scenes look at how to solve crime and they try and keep that as true to life as possible."

Her comments come after the star admitted she has struggled with body confidence throughout her life, but that chopping up dead corpses on the long-running drama has made her value having a "healthy" anatomy - something which she didn't appreciate in her twenties.

She said: "I've never been in love with my body and I don't think I ever will be in love in my body.

"Maybe it's because I've worked on 'Silent Witness' for so long, but I do appreciate that I have a body and that it, touch wood, is healthy.

"I was thinking about this as I dissected some organs on 'Silent Witness' the other day. I just felt lucky that I've got a healthy body.

"I didn't appreciate that in my twenties, but I do now. So when I feel best about my body is when I'm looking after it."

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