Emilia Fox found it "weird" seeing her brother having sex on TV.

Emilia Fox

Emilia Fox

The 'Delicious' star's sibling Freddie stripped off for 2015 show 'Cucumber', and while it was a bit awkward she thinks his preparations for his role as serial killer Jeremy Bamber - for ITV drama 'White House Farm' - have been even scarier.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, she said: "It was weird seeing him have sex on telly but what was weirder is that he stays in character for all those months of filming.

"Seeing as he's playing Jeremy Bamber at the moment, it's even weirder when you have him leaving messages on the phone."

Acting runs in the family, with mum Joanna David and dad Edward Fox both appearing on stage and screen, while cousins Jack, Lydia and 'Lewis' star Lawrence have all enjoyed success.

For Emilia, she found the idea of going into acting a difficult one because of the pressure of matching up to her loved ones.

She explained: "I'm a much more shy person so didn't really relish the idea of comparisons. And I didn't want to enter into a job that other people had done successfully in my family.

"But by default I ended doing it and I really love it. We all sort of stuck to our own areas and, in some ways, pretended we didn't know each other professionally.

"Whereas now, luckily, because I've done it for over 20 years, I feel a bit more all-embracing of it, that it can be a good thing."

Despite the amount of Fox relatives in the industry, Emilia dismissed the idea that it's "in her blood" but admitted it's a "weird" coincidence.

She added: "People say, 'Is it in your blood?' and I was always like 'Oh no, it's not in my blood at all - it's a family business and we all know the same language.'

"But it is sort of weird that we've all done it."

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