Emily Atack has split from her boyfriend Jude Taylor.

Emily Atack

Emily Atack

The pair had been together for five months but friends said that the 31-year-old actress called time on the romance as she struggled to see a future with the fashion influencer, especially with her work commitments.

A pal told The Sun newspaper: "Emily and Jude were a great match and had a lot of fun, but it ended up being too tricky to make it work long term.

"They have barely managed to see each other recently so made the decision to call it quits.

"Emily has so much going on at the moment too and that made their relationship a little more difficult.

"She has just finished filming the second series of her one woman TV show and that takes a lot out of her. Plus she's started to move house now and it is a lot to juggle."

The friend added that news of Emily and Jude's spilt came as a surprise to those close to the pair.

They said: "Those around Emily and Jude were shocked to hear they had broken up because they seemed so loved up. Jude was Emily's date to her sister Martha's wedding and they made such a lovely couple.

"But Emily and Jude said they both knew it was over.

"Obviously they're both pretty upset about it and are just trying to move on now."

It was revealed earlier this year that the star's comedy series 'The Emily Atack Show' would return for a second series on ITV2 as she tackles issues such as dating, image and growing-up through a set of stand-up routines with sketches and impressions.

Emily said: "I had the best time making and filming this series. It was the stuff of dreams and I am ecstatic to get to do it again.

"I have so many more sketches and impressions that I can’t wait to share with the viewers, my family on the other hand may want to cover their ears (again). If they thought the last series was bum-clenchingly raucous, wait until they see this series. It’s going to be a hoot."

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