Emma Willis once got covered in insect bites when she went skinny dipping.

Emma Willis

Emma Willis

The 44-year-old television presenter recalled how she once stripped off and took a dip in the sea when she was a youngster living in the US, but woke up the next day to find out her nude swim hadn't gone to plan.

Appearing on the 'Happy Place Festival' podcast, she revealed: "I have been skinny dipping but only once. I learned my lesson.

"I used to live in Miami and I was with a bunch of friends once and we were all just messing about.

"We stripped off, ran into the ocean and the next day I had never seen so many bites on a person's legs. I had about 50 bites from sand fleas."

Meanwhile, the former 'Big Brother' presenter is eligible to work in a healthcare setting throughout the global health crisis as she is a qualified maternity care assistant.

Although the NHS made a plea for "extra hands" to fight the virus, Emma previously admitted she was too scared to do so.

Explaining that the decision was something she struggled with, she said: "This is part of something I really struggled with in the beginning.

"They needed extra hands and I could have been those extra hands. I could have done that, from a qualified point of view.

"But I was absolutely terrified, and that's what I take my hat off to really. Those staff on the front line don't have any second thoughts.

"They just go and do it, that's what makes me realise they are incredibly special people and I'm not made like them."

Emma has also admitted she's a big crier and has been very emotional during lockdown as she sobbed to her mum on FaceTime.

She added: "I cried last night looking at my mum on FaceTime. I cry all the time. I'm missing my mum but I once cried - I was drunk - at how cute a tent was. It was for my niece and she was very little.

"She had a cute ­princess tent and I had been out drinking and I was overwhelmed by how cute she would look in that tent."

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