'Emmerdale' actress Eden Taylor-Draper thinks fans will be shocked by Belle Dingle's conversation with Lachlan White.

Eden Taylor-Draper

Eden Taylor-Draper

The 20-year-old soap star - who has appeared on the ITV show since taking over the role from Emily Mather back in 2005 - revealed that murderous Lachlan (Thomas Atkinson) will finally confront everything he has done for the first time, and admits his horrific actions.

She's quote by the Metro as saying: "I think this is the most shocking thing we've seen because he's never actually confronted what he's done and said it out loud. This is the first time that he comes to terms with it and says, 'Yes, I've done all of this'.

"Belle can't comprehend it and then Lachlan apologises to her! It's very intense and her head is just a mess because she adores him but then gets this confirmation.

"It takes her a while to process it. At the same time, though, he has a gun in his hand and her brother is covered in blood - so she has to be careful, or she could be in danger!"

Meanwhile, Belle is left in a state of shock herself after the revelation, and Eden admitted the emotional scenes have been a pleasure to act out.

She explained: "[Thomas is] so much fun to work with! He'll be throwing me against a wall and telling me he's going to kill me and then when we've finished filming, we'll be talking about Wotsits! He's a great guy to film with - it's been really fun."