Emmerdale's Lawrence and Chrissie White have been killed off in a horror smash.

Louise Marwood

Louise Marwood

Fans of the long-running soap were left gripped to the edge of their seats in last night's (11.01.18) double-bill episode as they watched the brunette beauty - Louise Marwood - and the patriarch (John Bowe) lose their lives in a chilling car crash.

The drama unfolded during a high-speed chase involving Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) as the millionaire family attempted to catch him before he managed to sneak away from the dales with his and Rebecca White's (Emily Head) baby Seb.

However, as the family are racing against the clock to stop Robert, Lachlan White (Thomas Atkinson) suffers a psychotic episode in the front seat when he finds out his mother Chrissie had interfered with his relationship with Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) - resulting in her breaking up with him - so that he would go to Australia.

In a moment of madness - and fury - Lachlan lunged for the steering wheel and rammed the car into an oncoming lorry - resulting in his grandfather being killed instantly when he was flung from the vehicle and thrown across the road.

When Robert realised what had happened, he immediately stopped his car, called an ambulance and went to help - only to find Lawrence strewn across the road.

Lachlan then regained consciousness and was racked with guilt over the destruction and harm he had caused, but further panic set in when he saw his mother Chrissie covered in blood. He then tried to apologise to her before she lost her fight for life.

Paramedics managed to get Rebecca out of the back of the car, but it's not yet known whether she'll live to fight another day as she flatlined and had to be resuscitated at the hospital, where she currently remains in a critical condition.

Despite the horror he caused, Lachlan managed to escape the crash with a punctured lung and was later comforted by his ex-girlfriend Belle back at the dales.

However, while everyone was feeling sorry for Lachlan, Robert is convinced the youngster had something to do with the crash as he appeared guilty at the scene.