Dame Esther Rantzen is in talks to bring back 'That's Life!'.

Esther Rantzen

Esther Rantzen

The 78-year-old presenter hosted the BBC One satirical consumer investigation series from 1973 until 1994, and she has now revealed that there are plans for the programme to return in the pipeline.

Esther told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "A friend of mine is having a go. We will see. 'That's Life!' was a very particular programme which lasted for 21 years.

"It talked about injustices, washing machines that broke and showed you a talking dog at its funniest."

The TV star has admitted that she feels the BBC's former Creative Director, Alan Yentob, who decided to axe the show after more two decades, could have handled things differently, and says all it needed was to keep the format the same but update it "cosmetically", which she hopes they will do with the new series.

She said: "What I would have done, Mr Yentob, is said: 'OK, you have had a 21-year run. You are beginning to tell the same stories. So maybe let's give you a year off, let's find another presenter. Another three presenters. Let's use Esther as a consultant.'

"What I would have done was refresh it cosmetically but keep that content. So maybe that is what is going to happen in January."

Esther feels now is the perfect time to bring back the show.

She said: "I think there is a need for the programme. I definitely do."

It was first reported in July that the ChildLine founder was said to be in talks to bring 'That's Life!' back to TV screens, admitting it would be "lovely' to see it return.

She said: "I think it would be lovely to have it back.

"I think we need it back. There are so many scams around that are still driving people nuts. And there are so many ridiculous rules."

'That's Life!' attracted more than 18 million viewers at its peak, and the show led to Esther setting up charity ChildLine, which promotes child protection, in 1986.