Graham Norton thinks Sam Ryder is the UK's "best hope for years" in the 'Eurovision Song Contest'.

Graham Norton has high hopes for Sam Ryder

Graham Norton has high hopes for Sam Ryder

The TikTok star will be performing his track 'Space Man' as he represents the nation at the grand finals in Turin on May 14, and BBC host suggested he could get more than 2021's 'nil points'.

He said: "Sam Ryder is a star! I honestly think he is our best hope for years.

"He has been getting a great response around Europe as he promotes Spaceman, so fingers crossed for some points this year!"

However, he suggested Italy could make it two wins in a row and provide some tough competition for the other countries.

The host nation will be represented by Mahmood and Blanco and their track 'Brividi'.

Graham added: "I really think Italy might do that rarest of things and walk away triumphant for the second year in a row. That song is huge!"

Meanwhile, Sam admitted he has picked the brain of some of the UK's previois entrants into the competition.

He explained: "I'm friends with a couple of the previous UK entrants and they are amazing, talented musicians in their own right and lovely people.

"So of course they gave me some tips and pointers and the main thing that keeps coming back is to just enjoy every moment of it, because it’s such a wonderful circus being a part of Eurovision and it's unlike anything else in the world that you can do.

"So I'm trying my best like I said at the beginning, to stay focused and present and not getting too overwhelmed by the nerves. So that I can breathe in every moment."

Back in 2021, the UK ended up at the bottom of the leader board after James Newman’s entry ‘Embers’ scored zero points . whilst Michael Rice’s 2019 entry 'Bigger Than Us' also saw the UK finish last but Sam previously insisted that the "stigma" of losing will not stop his enjoyment of taking part.

He said: "I love Eurovision. I think it's such a privilege to be able to do. I don't want to let the stigma or fear of coming at a certain place in a table stop me from doing something and being a part of something that I enjoy so much."

The grand final of 'The Eurovision Song Contest' will air on Saturday, May 14 at 8pm on BBC One.

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