John Challis is working on a new sitcom.

John Challis

John Challis

The 'Only Fools and Horses' actor - who played Aubrey 'Boycie' Boyce in the classic TV comedy - has signed up for a new show and he's "flattered" to be involved.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, he said: "I got sent a script and I thought it had something in it.

"It's amusing and that's what people need these days.

"I'm immensely flattered that anybody wants me to do anything these days."

Although details about the programme are being kept under wraps, the cast have already done virtual script readings.

The 78-year-old star added: "We have had read-throughs on Zoom. Everybody was on little screens.

"It was a strange experience. Human contact is a big part of performing in a team. So doing that online felt a bit alien."

A pilot is set to be filmed later this month, and the sitcom could be announced some time in 2021.

John said: "I think it has a good chance of getting picked up for a full series."

Meanwhile, he recently admitted none of his other roles thus far have had the same impact as 'Only Fools and Horses'.

He explained: "It becomes a benchmark. But you've got to continue earning a living so you do other stuff, hoping it will take off as well, but nothing has, really.

"You see the love everybody has for the show and our next convention is in October."

The show's enduring success came as a surprise to the cast because they initially didn't think it would run beyond one series, and John in particular wasn't sure he'd be asked back.

He recently said: "I was delighted to do the one scene but nobody said I'd be back in the next series. "It had a bit of a sticky start because not that many people watched it.

"But there was a strike so the BBC repeated stuff and they put it out again on a different day and time. The figures shot up so they decided to try a second series and it just got more popular."