Frank Skinner prefers radio to TV because he "likes not having to shave".

Frank Skinner prefers radio to TV because he doesn’t have to shave

Frank Skinner prefers radio to TV because he doesn’t have to shave

The Absolute Radio DJ adores his audio-focused gigs because he can get away with neglecting his beard a bit more, and joked he thinks the human face becomes “quite hard” to look at when people reach their 60s.

Asked if he is happiest on stage, radio or TV, he said: “I’m 66 now. I think the human face gets quite hard to look at when you get to about 60 onwards. So I think probably radio and podcasts is the place for me. Plus, I like not having to shave.”

Frank got “a bit nostalgic” when he and David Baddiel - who he has been in a comedy partnership with since the 90s - redid the ‘Three Lions’ video for the recent re-release of the tune to coincide with the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

He loved sharing the experience with his son, Buzz, 10, who he has with his longtime partner, Cath Mason.

Frank added to the Metro newspaper: "When we did the video, it was very hard not to get a bit nostalgic because you had the current us sitting next to the us from 1996.

"One of the nice things about it is, because I have a kid who’s 10 – I started a bit late on the fathering thing – he actually got a chance to see it in the flesh, rather than just take my word about it.

“I’ve been at football grounds with him where everyone’s been singing it. But when I went to school to pick him up last October, they had the telly on in their classroom and I just appeared at the window in a strange juxtaposition of life and art.

“He knows all the words. Now he’s 10, he’s a bit more controlled but when he was six, he used to sing it on public transport and people would look at me as if I’d indoctrinated this small child.”