Frank Skinner has been battling pneumonia for nearly a month.

Frank Skinner

Frank Skinner

The 61-year-old TV presenter felt so ill he couldn't bear to read or watch TV for four days while staying in a hotel in Inverness, Scotland, and he had to down nine pills in the morning and more later in the day to try to improve his health.

He said: "I had four days of not being able to read, just in bed, staring at darkness. Then I felt well enough to watch the telly.

"I missed three shows or something. I had pneumonia for God's sake. I did. I haven't had any banter for weeks, I have barely spoken.

"There was a point where I was having nine pills in one go.

"I realised it actually works a bit like elevenses, it is like a snack, takes the edge off your appetite.

"Nine in the morning and some more later on."

The 'Room 101' host was "terrified" he may not be "funny anymore" when he recovered.

Speaking on his 'The Frank Skinner Show' on Absolute Radio on Saturday (06.10.18), he added: "I went to the hospital and there was an older woman looking at me, very posh, she said to me 'I know you, your programme is 1021'.

"I didn't have the breath to correct her. There was enough bleakness in the waiting room.

"I did worry I might come out of pneumonia and not be funny anymore. It's terrifying."

Frank recently claimed people don't show enough "respect" to comedy, the same way as they do for TV dramas.

He said: "Light entertainment is a bit looked down upon. You only have to write one crappy scripted thing for people to think you are a really clever, interesting person.

"I am being slightly cynical, but I don't think people respect comedy."