Frankie Bridge wants a role in 'EastEnders'.

Frankie Bridge

Frankie Bridge

The Saturdays singer - who has sons Parker, four, and Carter, two, with husband Wayne Bridge - is hoping to break into acting and would love to get a part on her family's favourite soap as she wouldn't have to get to grips with a new accent, and she used to be an avid viewer.

Asked if she'd like to be in a soap, she said: "Wayne's mum is obsessed with 'EastEnders'.

"I said to her, 'It would really ruin it for you if I was in it, wouldn't it?' and she was like, 'Yeah!'

"But 'EastEnders' is good because it's in London, I wouldn't have to change my accent and I used to watch it a lot.

"I don't want to put too much pressure on myself though. I'm starting a year-long acting course in October."

Frankie is proud of the US success her friend Mark Wright - who she met when they competed on 'Strictly Come Dancing' together - has achieved and would love to do something similar, though she thinks it's difficult now her sons are getting older.

She said: "I think it's amazing for [Mark]. He looks like he's absolutely loving his life.

"I love it over there [in LA] and if something came up, then I would consider it.

"But it's a bit more difficult now because Parker is just about to start school, which feels really weird. It feels like I've got a proper grown up child!"

The 29-year-old star is rumoured to be competing on 'Celebrity MasterChef' and she admitted she could do with learning some cooking tips.

Asked how she'd cope with the pressure of the show, she added to OK! magazine:" I'm quite good under pressure because I'm used to it. The timing wouldn't be an issue.

"It would push me and I might actually learn some stuff but I can't imagine I'd be very good.

"[Do I have a signature dish?] No, unless you call Old El Paso fajitas a signature dish."