Gemma Collins wants to lose weight for the sake of her future children.

Gemma Collins has started up a new health kick

Gemma Collins has started up a new health kick

The 43-year-old reality star has managed to accumulate a reported fortune of nearly £3 million since starting her career on television on 'TOWIE' more than a decade ago but now that she is engaged to Rami Hawash, 49, has decided to get in shape so that she can be the "best version" of herself should babies come along.

She told OK! Magazine: "I’ve gone from Gucci bags and living my best life down Bond Street to not giving a s**t*- my health is my wealth now. Nothing against overweight mums at all, but I want to run and play with my kid. I want to have as much energy for my child as possible and to be the best version of myself for my child. I don’t want to be an overweight mum."

The 'Diva Forever' star has been open about her PCOS [polycystic ovaries syndrome] - a condition which causes difficulties in getting pregnant as a result of irregular ovulation - over the years and admitted that even though a recent checkup confirmed that all symptoms of the condition have now gone after taking up the diet plan, there is always a "struggle" in whatever she does.

She said: "I’ve always been that one that’s got the struggle to bloody get there! It’s the same with my fertility and I share it because so many people reach out who are going through the same thing. I don’t have PCOS anymore. The last time I went to get checked, all my PCOS symptoms had gone away.”

Gemma has taken up a diet plan with health coach Steve Bennett and admitted that she now feels more "educated" about her diet than ever before as she admitted that in the past she would end up "furious" when fad plans didn't work.

She said: "Before, I was a bit ‘furious’ because everything I tried just wasn’t working. Now, I’m feeling much more relaxed and I love myself more than ever - I’m actually feeling real, wholesome and [have] love for my body. And the more you love your body, the more it’s going to love you back.

"I feel very educated about food and my body now. I don’t know what’s happened to me - I’ve become like a guru. Where has the GC gone? It’s like I’m from outer space.

“I’m never going to be stick-thin overnight and let’s be honest about it, you’ll never see me doing 20 star jumps or jumping jacks. I’ve got zero interest in all of that - I think my boobs would knock me out anyway. But I do walk my dog twice a day and I get my steps in. It’s not always about vigorous exercise."

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