Gemma Collins has said that her current boyfriend Rami is a "fillet steak" and compared her ex Arg to a "sirloin."

Gemma Collins compares Arg to a sirloin steak

Gemma Collins compares Arg to a sirloin steak

The 41-year-old reality star - who dated Arg on and off before coupling up with businessman Rami Hawash, 45,- seemed to make the comparison as a nod to her ex-boyfriend's 11 stone weight loss after he underwent gastric band surgery.

She said: "It was worth the wait. I got the fillet steak at the end of the day, hun. Arg is a sirloin now, he’s lost so much weight, bless him."

Gemma met Arg - full name James Argent, 34 - on the set of 'The Only Way is Essex' in 2011 and dated on and off in the years that followed.

Arg - who faced numerous battles with drug addiction - would later cite Gemma's "tough love" as the reason he eventually faced up to his problems and now Gemma insists that after "saving his life" multiple times, there is no awkward vibes between the pair.

She told The Sun on Sunday: "I saved Arg’s life three times. We’ll never fall out, we’ll always be friends. Rami and I wish Arg nothing but the best, there is no awkwardness."

While James is currently single, Gemma seems content to be in a relationship with someone who is not in the spotlight.

She said: "He is not bothered about fame or showbiz. It’s refreshing that he sells cars and is a mechanic. He never walks through the door without giving me a kiss.

“He lights my candles for me when I’m tired and feeds me a corned beef sandwich. I need that support. I need someone at my age who is reliable, I don’t want to be messed about. When you get to your forties you don’t want the hassle, you can’t put a price on feeling settled."

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