Gemma Collins still cries over her dad’s COVID battle.

Gemma Collins still cries over dad's COVID battle

Gemma Collins still cries over dad's COVID battle

The former 'TOWIE’ star opened up about her father Alan Collins’ battle with the illness that left him hospitalised last winter, and she admitted the

harrowing experience of almost losing her dad left her "so traumatised" that she often experiences flashbacks and breaks down in tears 12 months on.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Gemma said: "My dad nearly passed with Christmas last year with COVID. He gets stronger every day. He is very up and down but he is under strict orders - I only let him work 3 days a week now.

"Long COVID is not a five minute thing. It is a journey. I was so traumatised by it. I keep having flashbacks now. I will be in the middle of the street or the shop and suddenly I will start crying and mum will be like 'are you alright?'

"I just cant believe what happened this time last year."

Gemma admitted the distressing times left her with a different outlook on life and want’s to cherish every moment with her family, and the reality star is going all out to make this festive season the best Christmas ever.

She added: "I am going to be stuck to my dad like glue. He is going to want to run away from me. For me this year we are spending lots of family time.

"This year I have gone all out and I have got caterers in to make sure I don't burn the turkey or the sprouts."

But despite cooking the Christmas feast, Gemma that sometimes she would much rather have some dim sum over traditional turkey.

Gemma recently won a debate at Oxford Union as she argued traditions change and Christmas doesn’t have to be the same.

She explained: "I argued that traditions can change and they can. Sometimes on Christmas Day you don't always fancy the traditional dinner. I mean, you just don't.

"Sometime you just want picky bits, sometime I just want a Chinese and I'm like, 'Baby bring out the dim sum.' "

Gemma Collins has claimed victory at the Oxford Union as she wins her first ever public debate, arguing for innovative dishes to be served up this festive season on behalf of Sainsbury’s. The supermarket has launched over 300 new products to its Christmas range, with innovative twists on festive favourites such as Pigs in Blankets Sushi. Discover more at

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