Gemma Collins wet herself when she plunged through the stage floor during BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards in October.

Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins

The 'Only Way is Essex' star has revealed she peed her pants because she was laughing so hard when she slipped through the hole in the floor and fell on top of 'Love Island' contestants Jamie Jewitt, Amber Davies and Marcel Somerville while presenting them with an award at the glamorous event in London just over a month ago.

Speaking to OK! magazine, she said: "It was bloody painful. I'll never ever live it down.

"I was laughing so much I wet myself! My legs could have got chopped off under the stage, but people love the comeback! It was the best thing of my life, I was at Wembley and I'm thinking, this must be how Robbie Williams feels and then next thing you know, bang, down the hole!"

The 36-year-old diva managed to escape the incident with a few scratches and a bruised bum, but she believes she's starting to get "flashbacks" because she's been battling a urine infection recently and hasn't been well.

She explained: "My mum said it would come out of me at a later stage because of the shock, and I do think where I've not been well recently that's happening. But I'm just happy to be alive, it could have been fatal. After a couple of days I was in a lot of pain. When my mum watched the video she started crying and I was like: 'It's hilarious.' And she was like: 'No, that's f***ing serious.' I was like: 'The GC is here! She's not dead.' "

And, although she survived the incident, she's now decided to throw out her stiletto heels and invest in thicker ones.

She added: "Everyone around me is on a fall alert now. I've changed my shoes and gone for a thicker heel! I never used to look where I was going. Now someone checks out the area before I arrive to make sure there's no where for me to fall."

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