Georgia Tennant was told she wasn't "convincing" enough playing her husband David Tennant's on-screen partner.

David and Georgia Tennant

David and Georgia Tennant

The 36-year-old actress starred alongside the 49-year-old actor in the comedy 'Staged' but has revealed a casting director said she wasn't a "convincing partner" for David's character.

She said: "Nobody seemed to want to let me do it. For one part I was told by a casting director that I wasn't a convincing partner for him. I was like, 'But we're married. With quite a few kids!' So, basically, every actor who could possibly play the part would have to be eliminated in order for me to be allowed to play his wife."

But with the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, the real-life couple were able to appear on the show together.

David joked: "And anyway, imagine having to tell my wife that she was being played by someone else."

And Georgia really "enjoyed" being able to work with her husband, with whom she has Ty, 18, Olive, nine, Wilfred, seven, Doris, six, and Birdie, 15 months.

She said: "We enjoy it, and I feel like Staged has proved it's possible. I'd like to go back to that casting director and say, 'See? I can play his wife!'"

Whilst David added: "I don't think this is something we would have imagined we'd have done. But then suddenly in March, 'Around the World in 80 Days' is closed down and I'm airlifted out of South Africa and nothing's happening, all bets are off. And then, well, the only thing we can do has to be from our house. And this idea presented itself."

And with both of them needing to film their parts in the show, they had to get into character quickly as the couple only had 20 minutes breaks between childcare to shoot their scenes.

Georgia said: "The whole thing with Staged was, 'We need to make this easy as possible'. And if we can make those characters really easy to get into, because we've only got 20 minutes to film a scene between childcare, then let's tweak it so we're not having to sit there going, 'What would my motivation be?' Because at that time our motivation was really just to stay awake."

Whilst David added to Radio Times magazine: "It's not like we're letting a crew in, it's just us with our laptops and our mobile phones filming each other."

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