Georgia Toffolo has experienced some "light trolling" because of her acne struggles.

Georgia Toffolo has discussed her acne struggles

Georgia Toffolo has discussed her acne struggles

The 29-year-old star - who is widely known as Toff - has struggled with acne for years and her skin issues have actually undermined her self-confidence at times.

Toff - who appeared on 'I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!' in 2017 - told MailOnline: "My skin was something that made me feel less than confident, really.

"I had a bit of light trolling when I came out of the jungle. But I did this amazing feature on 'This Morning' and it was really simple: I just took off my make-up.

"I was so worried about what people would say about my acne. But I just carried on. I looked down the barrel of the camera. I said some of the nasty things that I've read across socials, and it had such an impact.

"From that day on, the trolling seemed to evaporate."

Earlier this year, Toff admitted that she previously lived in fear of people discovering the severity of her acne.

The TV star actually covered herself in layers of make-up in order to hide her skin troubles.

On the ITV documentary 'In Search Of Perfect Skin', Toff shared: "I had such a horrendously low opinion of myself. It was like hatred, anger, why, why do you have this?

"Going back to that time I actually feel quite upset because it is something that I don't really talk about now.

"I always assumed the acne would go as I got older. It didn't and things became even harder when I found fame on a reality TV show."

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