Jet wanted to return to 'Gladiators' for the BBC reboot.

Jet wanted to come back for the Gladiators reboot

Jet wanted to come back for the Gladiators reboot

The iconic 90s show - which was hosted by Ulrika Jonsson, 55, and featured referee John Anderson, 91 - is returning to screens with father-and-son duo Bradley, 63, and Barney Walsh, 25, at the helm, and original star Jet would love to make a comeback.

The 53-year-old personality - whose real name is Diane Youdale - told on behalf of ICE 36: "I was contacted to go and sit in the audience and have a few interviews. I would have liked to have done consultancy work behind-the-scenes because I'm a psychotherapist and I also know the arena inside out."

Diane was keen to get involved with "background interviews" with people going on the show.

She added: "I'd love to have done some background interviews about what's going on for you psychologically, how you go about going into that arena and approaching that event and this contender whose proven themselves to be awesome. I'd love to have done that."

Unfortunately, it looks like an on screen role is unlikely but she's still "excited" to see the show get a fresh start on the BBC.

She said: "The presenter slots are all taken... The father and son duo are quite good together in front of the camera for a slightly more critique, comedic value.

"The referees are going to be excellent and hopefully very serious because it is a competition and it's an athletic arena so it needs to have the gravitas and the respect it deserves. The contenders are going to be excellent. There's no doubt about it.

"Today's sports science, nutrition and functional fitness will mean that any athlete who has been selected for the show are going to be very good, so the Glads have to be that much more, they really do."

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