Big Brother's Dylan thinks Jordan, Henry and Matty could come to blows on the show.

Big Brother's Dylan predicts bust-up for Big Brother trio

Big Brother's Dylan predicts bust-up for Big Brother trio

The 39-year-old DJ was surprised to find out a love triangle between the trio had been going on since the first week, and he now thinks it might come to a head and "kick off" between them at some point.

He told The Sun Online: "Me and Paul had no clue that this love triangle was going on.

"The first thing that we heard about a love triangle from Henry was when he came back from the lobster dinner and heard they had a kiss and thought it was brilliant.

"Apparently this has been going on from week one, they’ve kept it quiet. It’s going to kick off between them three."

Earlier this week, Henry was left in tears in the Diary Room because Jordan wasn't speaking to him, and he told Big Brother he felt like he had been "ghosted" by his fellow housemate.

While the pair kissed and made up later that evening, Dylan believes Jordan is a "game-player".

He added: "I think Matty and Henry should just do what they’ve got to do and leave Jordan to it because Jordan seems like a game-player.

"Matty and Henry should go and do their thing and then Jordan can just sit around and be himself."

Dylan was booted out of the house last Friday (03.11.23) as the second housemate to go in that night's double eviction.

Paul went first, and both stars were booed by the crowd when they departed the house.

Earlier in Friday's episode, both Paul and Dylan could hear fans outside the house chanting that they wanted the pair to be removed from the famous abode.

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