Greg Rutherford's fiancee wants him to act "way sexier" on 'Dancing On Ice'.

Greg Rutherford's partner wants him to be sexier on Dancing On Ice

Greg Rutherford's partner wants him to be sexier on Dancing On Ice

The 37-year-old Olympian - who is partnered by Vanessa James on the show - has been getting a lot of help from former dancer Susie Verrill and she's urged him to find the passion in his performances, as well as thinking more about his facial expressions because he often looks "like he wants to murder somebody" when he's concentrating on the routines.

Greg told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: “The great thing about Susie is that because she used to be a dancer, she gets it, and she helps when I’m home – trying to explain how it should look. She’s always telling me to try to make the routines as sexy as possible.

“Some partners are watching, thinking, ‘I don’t know about that,’ but she’s like, ‘Make it look way sexier than you are’. She’s very good like that, and she definitely helps the performance side of things. Sometimes when I think I’m selling something, I’m really not.

“She’s said to me before, ‘You just look like you want to murder someone… your concentrated face is that strong’. So I’ve been trying very hard not to have that face.” Greg added: “So far, I think I’m doing OK – I look like I might want to just maim someone… something that wouldn’t have a long prison sentence.”

But while the long jumper is thankful for Susie's critique, he admitted he's faced no harsher judge than his three-year-old daughter Daphne.

He said of the youngster: “She’s been watching from home and scoring but she is absolutely brutal. She is the harshest ice skating critic ever

– she has given me a score of two before. I want to introduce her to Torvill and Dean after the show tonight.”