Helen Skelton would happily eat "beans on toast" this Christmas as long as she's with her kids.

Helen Skelton

Helen Skelton

The 37-year-old TV presenter - who has Ernie, five, and Louis, three, with husband Richie Myler - admits 2020 has been a challenging year because of the coronavirus pandemic, but she's determined to enjoy Christmas Day with her children.

She said: "I've never needed to have the perfect turkey or the perfect cheese platter, or any of that. I'm quite happy with beans on toast.

"It's all about the kids - they're young enough to still believe in the magic of Christmas."

Helen has actually found the UK's second coronavirus lockdown to be tougher than the first.

The TV star enjoyed spending time outdoors earlier in the year, but she admits things have been different the second time around.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, she explained: "We have a garden so I felt really lucky and we were in there all day every day.

"But this time, it was so dark and cold, so we couldn't do that. I'm the kind of person who needs to be outside all the time, so I was still making sure I got out every day, especially walking the kids to and from school and taking them to the park."

Helen's kids haven't been able to see their grandparents over recent months due to the pandemic.

And the former 'Blue Peter' presenter has been keen to keep their minds as busy as possible amid the ongoing health crisis.

She said: "The kids haven't been able to see their grandparents or do the activities they normally could do, so I wanted to let them be outside and distract them as much as possible."

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