Holly Hagan has been forced to cancel her wedding in Ibiza.

Holly Hagan

Holly Hagan

The 'Geordie Shore' star was set to tie the knot with fiance Jacob Blyth on the Balearic island next month, but she has now been left devastated after the ongoing coronavirus pandemic caused her to call off the big day.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Holly’s had to pull the plug on her wedding in Ibiza. Like so many other brides Holly has been really put through the ringer with her wedding and she is hugely upset.

“Holly has started telling people about the cancellation now. So much goes into planning a wedding and obviously Holly is just desperate to marry Jacob.

"She just wants to be his wife but also wants the wedding she has dreamt of for years. They are hopeful it won’t be too long until they can say ‘I will’ but for now all plans are on ice."

It comes after Ibiza remains in the "amber" zone for UK travel, meaning visitors will have to isolate for 10 days at home if they wish to go abroad.

Holly, 28, found it "impossible and draining" to keep up with fan questions about her upcoming nuptials as she waited for Ibiza to get the green light.

She added: "Please don't message about how gutted and sorry you are for us, we're fine, what will be will be."

The couple first started dating in 2017 before Jacob got down on one knee for a romantic beach proposal in Ibiza back in 2019.

She shared a picture of her kissing the professional footballer on Instagram alongside a video of the moment he proposed.

Holly wrote: "IM GUNNA BE A WIFE. Swipe for the video of the best moment of my life. I can’t believe I’m actually writing this, or that we and everybody else managed to keep it a secret for the last couple of weeks.

"But on our second anniversary on the island where we first met, the love of my life asked me to be his WIFE!! (sic)"