Soap operas can be, for a lot of people, something to look forward to. At the end of a long day, thousands of people tune in to Hollyoaks with a cup of tea in hand, to see what the group of characters from Chester are up to. The show has tackled some intense issues within its storylines such as rape, murder, substance abuse, infidelity, and more.

Malique Thompson-Dwyer as Prince McQueen / Picture Credit: Channel 4

Malique Thompson-Dwyer as Prince McQueen / Picture Credit: Channel 4

The show is filled with some brilliant characters, and Price McQueen, played by Malique Thompson-Dwyer, was among some of the fan favourites. After his absence from the show, McQueen will be returning to the show in the episode airing September 7th on E4, and Channel 4 on the following day.

The last time we saw Prince on the small screen was back in 2019, when Nana (Diane Langton) and Goldie (Chelsee Healey) threw the character a leaving party to celebrate him heading off to his ‘Prince World Tour’ travels.

Prince’s first appearance on the show, as many fans may recall, was via a break-in at the McQueen home alongside his twin brother, Hunter (Theo Farris Lee Graham). It didn’t take long for Thompson-Dwyer’s character to become the backbone of many tense and exciting storylines.

One plot that gave Prince more focus was the story involving him and his wife Lily (Lauren Louise McQueen). Fans may remember the deterioration of the couple’s relationship, as Prince helped his wife through self harming issues and mental health worries; he was there until the unfortunate event of Lily’s death.

Malique Thompson-Dwyer and Lauren McQueen in Hollyoaks / Picture Credit: Channel 4
Malique Thompson-Dwyer and Lauren McQueen in Hollyoaks / Picture Credit: Channel 4

However now, Prince is back and ready to make an entrance. The character will return with a bang, and is more than ready to ruffle some feathers, both old and new.

Discussing his return to the soap, Malique stated that, "I’m really excited to announce that I will be stepping back into Prince McQueen’s shoes and returning to Hollyoaks this summer. I’m looking forward to the seeing what Prince gets up to next and working with the production team again. Stay tuned!”

The actor seems very ready for fans to see McQueen return, as many viewers missed the character in his hiatus from the drama; with a decent wait ahead of them, what will fans think when the beloved character returns to Chester?

Thompson-Dwyer has also been involved with projects such as The Dumping Ground, and appeared in the 18th season of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!.

Hollyoaks airs every weeknight at 7pm on E4, and 6:30pm on Channel 4.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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