Homeland’s third season isn’t set to air for months, but now both plot details and a solid release date have been leaked.

Thanks to a release from American channel Showtime, we know that this new series of the show will be rather different than the first two, with the show kicking off its third series on September 29th and be focussed on the international manhunt for Nick Brody, now ‘the world’s most wanted terrorist’ after the explosive finale of series two.

It’s not going to be all Brody though, as Carrie and Saul will be the major focus of the show, as they ‘begin to pick up the pieces of their shattered professional and personal lives, they are swept up in the political and media firestorm surrounding the terror attack and the subsequent search for Brody’s whereabouts’.

The network also has confirmed that Brody’s family will also be a major part of the show, with Morena Baccarin, Jackson Pace and Morgan Saylor all returning as regular members of the cast. We’ll also see more of the mysterious Quinn, as actor Rupert Friend has also been confirmed as a regular cast member.

Will Carrie be trying to prove Brody's innocence, or is she leading the charge to hunt down her former lover? We don't know, but we really want to find out.

What do you think about this very early news? Let us know in the comments if you’re as excited for the return of Homeland as we are.