Isobel Steele is "never really happy" with her 'Emmerdale' performances.

Isobel Steele

Isobel Steele

The 17-year-old actress - who plays Liv Flaherty in the ITV soap - is constantly criticising herself when she sees her scenes back on screen, but she was "proud" of the way she handled a recent alcohol abuse storyline, despite admitting it was "hard" acting drunk.

She said: "I'm never really happy with my performance - I always fault it.

"But I'm quite proud of the alcohol storyline that Liv's had. It's hard playing drunk when I'm only 17, but I really wanted to get it right, and make sure that I'm playing it in a believable way."

Despite her self-criticism, Isobel must be doing something right after she scooped the Best Young Actor prize at the Inside Soap Awards last month, but she doesn't have any room on her mantlepiece to display her gong.

She said: "I don't have much room on my mantelpiece - not because it's full of awards or anything, there's just loads of random stuff like candles and plants on here - so I might have to think about finding another place for it at home."

The Dales actress puts part of her success down to her working relationship with Danny Miller, who plays her half-brother Aaron Sugden-Dingle, and she is delighted the character has finally found happiness with Robert Sugden-Dingle (Ryan Hawley) because their disputes were getting "tiresome".

Speaking about the recent Robron wedding, she added to Inside Soap magazine: "I'm just huge relieved to move on from Robron arguing. That could get a little bit tiresome, because everyone is really rooting for them to be together, and I'm really rooting for them to be together."

Prior to the nuptials, Isobel teased fans they would be "very pleased" with the outcome.

She said: "There are a few little details in the episode that I think they will really enjoy, with some cute moments that they will pick up on and get into. The big day has been so long-awaited, so I am sure that it isn't going to disappoint."