Jake Quickenden "never washed'" during his stint on 'I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!'

Jake Quickenden has admitted he didn't wash on I'm A Celeb

Jake Quickenden has admitted he didn't wash on I'm A Celeb

The 35-year-old pop star took part in the ITV jungle show back in 2014 opposite stars including Melanie Sykes, Edwina Currie and Craig Charles, and Jake has admitted he wasn't fussed about hygiene while he was in camp and didn't even run out of his basic ration of shampoo and soap.

He told OK! magazine: "You get one soap, one shampoo sachet and one deodorant that don’t smell of anything, plus a toothbrush and toothpaste that doesn’t taste of anything. I never ran out because I never washed!"

Jake also didn't bother washing his clothes and chose to go without underpants for most of his time in the TV show. He added: "I only packed two [pairs of] underwear. I went commando for half of it. I didn’t wash my clothes much, I couldn’t be bothered. They smelt of smoke and there was no washing that smell off."

However, Jake admitted he might have been extra stinky because it was his job to empty the outdoor toilet every day.

He explained: "I was allocated this the whole time. It had to be picked up and emptied and I was the biggest and strongest. If you weren’t careful, it would slosh around and you’d get covered in c***."

Jake previously admitted he used to try talking to crewmembers during filming, but they were ordered not to interact with the celebrities. However, Jake persevered and even tried to get them to tell him the football scores.

He told Betway: "I remember one of them had Tic Tacs and I was like: 'Can I please have a Tic Tac? [but] he wasn’t allowed to talk to me and wasn’t allowed to give me one' ... I always used to ask them for the football scores, but they’d never talk to you. You do see people throughout the day, but it’s like you’re invisible."

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