Jamelia doesn't think she'll be back on 'Loose Women'.



The 'Superstar' singer hasn't been "formally sacked" by the daytime show but it was reported in October she had been quietly dropped from the panel over her controversial comments about plus-sized clothing, and she admits she hasn't been invited back and doesn't believe she is "part of the narrative" of the programme.

She said: "I haven't been formally sacked by Loose Women, as other people have been in the past, so I technically still have a job with them.

"But I haven't been on the show since those reports, so people will make of it what they will.

"The show is going in a different direction at the moment and I don't seem to be a part of that narrative.

"I am realistic, I doubt I'll be going back."

However, the 36-year-old singer - who has daughters Teja, 16, and Tiani, 11, from past relationships - insists she isn't too upset because she's launching her own YouTube venture, JameliaDotCom.

She told the Birmingham Mail newspaper: "But it's OK, as I'm very excited about launching my own YouTube channel.

"I absolutely love it, I'm really excited about it.

"In the mainstream media there are not places for everyone, so I wanted to create a sort of club for people - for moms, especially those of teenagers, and for those interested in black grooming.

"I want to share advice, tips and tricks. It's a lifestyle channel that includes everything from style and health and beauty to cooking and parenting.

"My two daughters are heavily involved in the production too."

And Jamelia is taking more control of her career after parting ways with her management company, though she admits she needs to enlist more help as it is a bigger "challenge" than she realised.

She said: "I recently left my management so I'm going through a bit of a transition. I'm taking control of what I'm doing, though it is a big challenge! It's hard work so I think I will have to get a new manager.

"There wasn't a big row, it's just I have been with my management for 15 years. They've been fantastic but sometimes when you're in a long relationship it gets a bit boring and monotonous.

"It was time to move on."

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