James Blunt’s ‘Beer Masters’ has been axed by Amazon Prime.

James Blunt's show about beer cancelled

James Blunt's show about beer cancelled

The ‘You’re Beautiful’ hitmaker, 49, teamed up with beer export Jaega Wise, 35, and famous faces like Daisy Lowe, 34, to try and locate Europe’s top homemade beer maker - with the prize including being on tap at his West London drinking hole, the Fox and the Pheasant - but the streaming service have opted to make it a very “limited series”.

A source told the Sun newspaper’s TVBiz column: “‘Beer Masters’ had all the ingredients to become a long-runner for Prime Video and it went down well with punters.

“But sometimes these limited series don’t suit ongoing commercial strategies, it’s not just about ratings.”

James enthused about the show when it first debuted and recalled how he felt the opportunity was “heaven”.

He told the outlet: “When I was offered the job I thought I had died and gone to heaven.”

The ‘Loosely Based on a Made-up Story’ author recently slammed Adele for postponing her Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace with very short notice back in January 2022, leaving fans disappointed after already schlepping to Sin City for the show.

James told broadcaster Matt Everitt, 51, while in conversation in front a live audience at the Emmanuel Centre in London: “I think she should have turned up. People came across the world, paid good money, booked hotel rooms.”

When it kicked off nine months later, the 35-year-old singer told the crowd: “I’m truly sorry for any inconvenience and any disappointment that I’ve caused, but we’re here tonight and together.

Adele dubbed the cancellation “the best decision” she “ever made” amid production delays and a surge in COVID-19 cases.

“I’d really like to thank Caesars because there’s been a lot of shit written about me since I canceled those shows. 90 per cent of it is completely made up, but not once did [Caesars] ask any questions.”