Janette Manrara's decision to quit 'Strictly Come Dancing' was "bittersweet".

Janette Manrara is relishing the challenge of presenting

Janette Manrara is relishing the challenge of presenting

The 38-year-old dancer walked away from the show in order to become a TV presenter, and she's confessed to having mixed emotions about the career switch.

Janette - who now hosts the 'Strictly' spin-off 'It Takes Two' - explained: "A dancer's career is so short. You can only dance at a top level for a certain amount of time. So ever since I got onto 'Strictly Come Dancing', I've always been thinking about what's next. I've always loved entertaining and making people smile, and I do like interviewing people and sharing their stories.

"So the change to go into presenting, I think, was a very slow, long process. It just seems like it happened overnight but for me, it's been something I've been thinking about for a really, really long time.

"When Zoe Ball decided to step down from 'It Takes Two', the team there knew how much I wanted to go into presenting. Voila, the opportunity came, and I had to take it!"

Janette has relished the challenge of presenting, and insists it "wasn't a hard decision" to make.

She told HELLO! magazine: "I was really, really ready for it. I was really excited for it. I think the hardest part was saying goodbye to dancing on 'Strictly', because I'm not going to stop dancing, but I'm not going to be dancing on 'Strictly' anymore and it was such a huge part of my life and such a big career move for me when I did get onto 'Strictly' as a dancer.

"It wasn't a hard decision and it wasn't a scary decision. It was more bittersweet because I was so excited to move into that part of my life, but also so sad to say goodbye to dancing on 'Strictly'."

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