Jeremy Kyle’s daughter was hospitalised after being bitten by a spider.

Jeremy Kyle says his daughter Ava was admitted to hospital after being bitten by a spider

Jeremy Kyle says his daughter Ava was admitted to hospital after being bitten by a spider

The former 'Jeremy Kyle’ presenter revealed his 17-year-old daughter Ava was rushed for medical care after being nibbled by an arachnid during the festive period.

The 57-year-old broadcaster explained to Mike Graham on his TalkTV show: "This is a genuinely true story. Two days before Christmas my daughter was bitten by a spider in her sleep. Nobody knew anything about it.

"She ended up in hospital."

Jeremy - who also has kids Harriet, 32, and Alice, 18, and Henry, 13 with his ex Carla Germaine, and two-year-old son Oliver with his wife Vicky Burton - recently returned to screens with ‘Jeremy Kyle Live’ on the new channel, after sitting in for Piers Morgan on his primetime show.

He said: "I'm so excited to be going back to live television from October 10th. Sitting in for Piers over the summer has given me a taste for what the new show will be.

“‘Jeremy Kyle Live’ will be making sense of the stories that matter; speaking the language of the British people and providing practical help as we all try and navigate our way through current times. I can’t wait to be a part of TalkTV’s amazing new primetime lineup.”

Jeremy fronted his previous daytime family conflict show for 14 years until it was canned in 2019 following the death of guest Steve Dymond.

At the time, he said: "I don’t want to sound 'woe is me', and as I’ve said the whole thing was a terrible tragedy - devastating for Steve Dymond’s friends and family, of course, and for the many people who worked on the show.

"But it did hit me hard. And it’s been awful to feel so scapegoated, and without being able to have my say about the accusations that often seemed to be levelled only at me. I’ve felt hunted and made out to be responsible for everything that ever took place around that show. But I was just the face of it."

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