Jeremy McConnell has claimed Stephanie Davis has refused to let him see their son.

Jeremy McConnell

Jeremy McConnell

The Irish model insists he has "turned his life around" after battling addiction and previously assaulting his former girlfriend, but is planning to seek shared custody of 18-month-old Caben-Albi because he alleges the 'Hollyoaks' star is still trying to give a "wholly inaccurate" picture of the situation between them and blocking his attempts to see the little boy.

He said: "It's extremely upsetting that Stephanie has continually chosen not to engage with my team and follow the appropriate channels to arrange in time access with our son.

"Since last year Stephanie has continued to paint a picture of me that is wholly inaccurate and gives a perception in public, the press and online that I don't want to see Caben.

"All I want is for our son to have me back in his life."

Stephanie has accused Jeremy of "not paying a penny" for his son and "never asking to see him" but he insists that isn't the case, calling for her to "let go" of her issues for the sake of their son.

He told The Sun newspaper: "Looking back I understand that was a chaotic time in my life and I didn't recognise myself. I'm a much stronger person now and for that I'll be forever grateful.

"I'm sure in time Stephanie can let go of the anger and personal issues she is dealing with so Caben's arrangements can be formally dealt with like adults.

"I won't stay silent over this and not try to be in my sons life. Caben deserves to have his dad in his life."

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' star accused his former lover of refusing to cooperate with his communication attempts, even ignoring contact from lawyers.

He said: "Since my formal attempts she has sought to message me directly whilst choosing not to respond via solicitors.

"Caben is my priority and I won't be party to her ongoing games.

"Since my move to rebuild my life earlier this year, I am substance free, undertaking voluntary drugs tests which have all been passed as part of my probation.

"I have no interest now or at any time in the future to have any communication with Stephanie whatsoever about anything other than Caben."

Jeremy was sentenced to 20 weeks in prison and 200 hours of community service at the end of last year after he was found guilty of assaulting Stephanie in March 2017.

He's also been banned from contacting the 25-year-old actress, her relatives and Caben for three years - unless the restraining order is lifted by the family courts.

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