'Hollyoaks' star Jeremy Sheffield has revealed his character Jeremy Blake's tragic backstory.

Jeremy Sheffield reveals alter-ego's tragic backstory

Jeremy Sheffield reveals alter-ego's tragic backstory

Jeremy made his return to the soap this week after eight years as Patrick Blake's brother Jeremy, aka Jez, alongside Sherrie Hewson as his mother Martha, and Jeremy revealed the trauma Jez suffered at the hands of his sibling.

He told Inside Soap magazine: "A huge event blew the brothers apart and Jez disappeared — whatever went on was so traumatic he just had to escape.

"I imagine Jez was Patrick's first victim."

He also revealed Jez's strained relationship with Martha, saying: "They have a terrible, toxic relationship, but we don't know why yet. And it's not even clear who is the good guy and who is the bad guy.

"But this is the Blakes we're talking about! Sherrie is fantastic, I'm not sure she's ever played a character like this!"

It is eight years since the 58-year-old actor's alter-ego Patrick was killed off and Patrick's daughter Sienna was left stunned at the return, wrongly assuming her evil father was back from the dead.

Promising that there is even more drama ahead, Jeremy said: "Jez had to learn ways to survive having been under Patrick's control, so he's good at being a chameleon.

"He is smart, articulate and full of charm — but he may not be all he seems..."