Jessica Raine believes actors feel "bitter" when they watch a programme they have not been cast in.

Jessica Raine

Jessica Raine

The 35-year-old actress - who is known for playing Jenny Lee in the popular BBC One drama 'Call the Midwife' - thinks watching television series is "fascinating" as she can be left feeling disappointed she didn't feature in the show, or she can watch and "appreciate" the process of making "amazing television".

She told the Radio Times magazine: "I love watching telly. I hate it when actors say they don't watch television.

"I find it really fascinating - more so because I know the process. I think it can go one of two ways when you are in the business. You can get a bit bitter about the parts you haven't got, or you can appreciate how difficult making amazing television can be and be generous to other people's efforts."

But the 'Line of Duty' star has admitted she "absolutely loves" it when she watches "really, really good telly".

She continued: "And so when I see really, really good telly I absolutely love it. The potential ion this media, beamed into people's houses, is just huge, and I aspire for everything I do on it being the best it possible can."

Jessica has revealed one of her favourite shows she has been hooked on is 'The Crown', because she thinks the script is "subtle", and the programme contains "nuances" that tend to be missed out in programmes of the same genre.

When asked about the series that she has been glued to, she said: "'The Crown'. My God, it's so good. It was really inspiring. The writing is beautiful and subtle and I loved all the nuances - nuances that a lot of period dramas miss. Instead of trying to shoehorn in a load of events that we'd all recognise, it concentrated on character."