Jimmy Carr fears he'll get cancelled when he eventually returns to stand-up comedy.

Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr

The 48-year-old funnyman predicted he'll be feeling "giddy and over-excited" when he returns to the stage after taking a lengthy break because of the coronavirus crisis.

He explained: "Not being able to go out there and do what we normally do has been a challenge.

"They're talking about June 21st – I've got gigs booked in from June 21st … god willing, that would be a return to normality…

"I think I'll probably get cancelled, I'll be a bit giddy and over-excited. I'm a dab hand at it now."

Jimmy also teased details of his new BBC show, 'I Can See Your Voice'.

Looking forward to the series, he told 'The Jonathan Ross Show': "It's a crazy idea. It's a singing show, a talent show ... no one sings.

"We get a line-up and we say who we think who might be able to sing, based on nothing.

"It's like working at the airport, you're basically profiling people: 'Those shoes with that dress? No, she can't sing … she's holding the mic wrong.' We're just looking at people and saying who can sing.

"Then the next round they're miming. Every time - I've never been more certain and more wrong."

Jimmy stars on the new show alongside Alison Hammond and Amanda Holden, and although he admits the concept of the programme seems bizarre, he thinks it'll prove popular with viewers.

He said: "The reason I think the show works, in every hour there's six big moments. Because either they can sing and it's entertaining, or they can't and it is funny.

"It was so fun. We filmed it in the second lockdown. Just to be out of the house. We were kind of thrown together - me, Alison Hammond and Amanda Holden - we had the best fun together."