Jimmy McKenna has asked 'Hollyoaks' bosses to try to tempt Nancy Sinatra into a guest role.

Jimmy McKenna

Jimmy McKenna

The 65-year-old actor has enjoyed blasting out some Frank Sinatra classics as his character Jack Osborne - who he has played since 1996 - and he recently suggested to the Channel 4 soap's producers that they should try to recruit the late singing legend's 79-year-old daughter for a cameo.

Asked about his dream plot for Jack, he said: "I want him to become Frank Sinatra. I adore Sinatra - I'm always on set singing his songs, and I think that's seeping through into the character.

"I've done a few Sinatra numbers as Jack, and it gives me a buzz.

"I was joking with all the bosses last week that they should try to get Nancy Sinatra on the show - it's a long shot, but with 'Hollyoaks', you never know."

Jimmy admits there is always plenty of "craziness" in Soapland, and he believes legendary late playwright William Shakespeare - widely regarded as one of the greatest writers in the history of the English language - would be penning soaps if he was still around nowadays.

Speaking about Jack's life in the Hollyoaks village, he added to Inside Soap magazine: "He's been a bit of a philanderer, hasn't he?

"Four wives, and loads of girlfriends. I was laughing with Gillian Taylforth about that at the British Soap Awards the other day, as she came into the show a few years ago [as Sandy Roscoe] and turned out to be the mother of Jack's son, Darren.

"It's just the craziness of Soapland, isn't it? It's similar to Shakespeare - if he was alive today, he'd be writing soaps."