Jimmy Tarbuck drank "dreadful" alcohol-free beer with Sir Tom Jones.

Jimmy Tarbuck

Jimmy Tarbuck

The 78-year-old star still enjoys playing golf and keeping in touch with friends, and he admitted he wasn't impressed with the non-alcoholic beverage the pair had to share because the 'Delilah' singer doesn't drink anymore.

Appearing on ITV's 'Loose Women' on Tuesday (11.09.18), he said: "I'm getting on, but you look after yourself... I play a bit of golf, I have a good times with mates.

"I was out with Tom Jones, he's not allowed to drink anymore so I didn't drink. The two of us were having that alcohol free bear, it is dreadful. We got out, he helped me into the car and I helped him out of it."

The veteran entertainer has no plans to retire just yet, and he's on the road with fellow star Des O'Connor for a nine date tour.

Opening up on the live show, he recently told the Express: "It's not so much a two-man show, it's a party.

"We are two old pros enjoying ourselves, reminiscing and having a great giggle.

"Des is so easy to work with - he's done everything and is the ultimate professional. Mind you, they are only putting his name first on the bill because it's easier to spell!"

He has described performing as "life-affirming", previously admitting he was addicted to being on stage.

He said: "Being on stage is life-affirming and don't let it stop, please. When I get up there and hear the crowd I get a huge adrenaline buzz. Laughter is like a drug and I don't want to give it up."

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