Jodie Whittaker would ask past Doctors about the "most beautiful thing" they've ever seen.

Jodie Whittaker

Jodie Whittaker

The 'Doctor Who' star appeared in her first full episode as the Time Lord on Sunday (07.10.18) and she has settled on the one question she'd ask her predecessors if she had the chance.

As quoted by, she said: "I would ask, and I would genuinely want to ask them all -- and I have that right! -- I would ask them all, 'What is the single most beautiful thing you have seen?'

"Because I know that there's moments in this, and emotions in this, that kind of tap into something very profound for me.

"And for the Doctors that have worn these shoes for longer, I wonder if they have a moment that they distill. So, it would be that to them all."

Meanwhile, Jodie has promised herself she'll binge watch the sci-fi show "from start to finish" once she's stepped down as the first female Time Lord.

The 36-year-old actress is the first woman to take on the role in its 55-year history, and she doesn't want to take in too much in case it clouds her own performances.

She recently explained: "I wanted to read my research, not watch it... You question yourself a lot as an actor, and I never wanted to third eye it and think: Has this been done before? Am I trying to be like someone else, or is this me in the moment?

"The joy of a role like this is in making it your own. It has elements that continue throughout the whole of time and space, but what's brilliant is the lack of walls around it.

"You're trusted that your instinct is right for the moment. That's why it's a role that so many people would love to play, and why so many people that have played it have adored it, and only speak passionately about it. But when I hand over these shoes, I'm going to watch it from episode one!"