Joe Tracini is returning to 'Hollyoaks', four years after he quit the soap.

Joe Tracini

Joe Tracini

The 30-year-old actor - whose parents are Joe and Debbi Pasquale - is set to revive his alter-ego Dennis Savage for scenes in which Dennis returns for his uncle Dirk's funeral.

Dirk was accidentally electrocuted in a swimming pool by Milo Entwistle, after he fell in and the killer turned on the electric lights in a failed bid to help.

And Dennis is set to cause trouble for Milo after he gets his hands on a camcorder featuring Milo's confession that he killed Tom Cunningham's parents years ago.

Joe took on the role of Dennis in 2011, playing the part for three years - before leaving in 2014.

Speaking previously about his decision to leave, Joe said: "Initially I only came in for six months and I've loved being on the show. After three years, I just thought it was time to move on and try a couple of other things.

"I've really loved the opportunities I've had at 'Hollyoaks' to work out if I can really act or not. The jury is very much still out on that, but I've been really busy this year, so I thought it was the right time for me to see if I can get off and do other things. I might not do other things, but I'll give it a bash!"

And when he left he was already thinking about a possible comeback.

He said: "I'd like the door to be left open. It might not be left open - Dennis might die in a freak farmyard accident, but I won't hold your breath on that one! Personally I'd like it to be left open because you never know what will happen, and I'm pretty sure I'd prefer to come back to 'Hollyoaks' than go to 'I'm A Celebrity'!"