Jonny Mitchell thinks he "dodged a bullet" by splitting up with Stephanie Pratt.

Jonny Mitchell

Jonny Mitchell

The couple hit the headlines at the end of last year when the 'Made in Chelsea' beauty accused the 'Love Island' hunk of cheating on her - allegations he's denied - on social media but, although the relationship was "real" for him, he's glad he got out of there.

Speaking to OK! magazine, he said: "For me it was 100 per cent real, but I've got no idea what it was for her. She used to talk about when we broke up rather than if. It's a shame because I really liked her.

"I think I've dodged a bullet so I'm not worrying about the aftermath. There's no way I'd ever go back. She used to talk about everyday life like it was a TV show."

Stephanie, 31, accused Jonny, 26, of abusing her throughout their relationship but the hunk is adamant that isn't true because she was the one who wore the trousers.

He explained: "'I was completely baffled and still am. She also said she had video of me attacking her, but I categorically deny there was ever any abuse and I haven't heard from the police. Dating Steph Pratt was a surreal experience for me anyway. I was very much not wearing the trousers in that situation so I wouldn't have done anything to screw it up. I was really into her and I'm gutted this is how things have turned out."

Jonny shot to fame over the summer when he took part in 'Love Island' and, although he loved the show, he would prefer to do 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

He said: "I wouldn't like people who need attention. That bugged me on 'Love Island' - if some people didn't have the attention on them for a minute then they had to do something. Watching it in there it's very transparent, but on television it isn't.'

"I was myself in 'Love Island'. The things I got stick for was the stuff that you wouldn't in real life. It was a dating show and I was dating.

"They were all jumping from partner to partner. I did it once. If I did go in I wouldn't go in there with any sort of game plan. Hopefully 'CBB' would be a bit more realistic."

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