Kacey Ainsworth has sparked speculation she could be set for an 'EastEnders' comeback.

Kacey Ainsworth

Kacey Ainsworth

The 51-year-old star portrayed 'Little' Mo Mitchell on the BBC One soap from 2000 to 2006, and the 'Grantchester' actress has dropped a hint she might be heading back to Walford after sharing a picture of Elstree Studios, near to BBC Elstree Centre where 'EastEnders' is filmed.

She captioned the image with lyrics from Barbra Streisand song 'As If We Never Said Goodbye', writing: "I don't know why I'm frightened, I know my way around here."

This led to several 'EastEnders' fans speculating Kacey could be set to return as Mo.

One wrote: "I've been saying this for a while. We need little Mo back."

Another posted: "Mo back?"

One shared: "Hopefully your returning as Mo as it would be lovely to see you play her again! Even for a stint. You could bring that horrible Gray down with the iron! (sic)"

But some also suggested she could be part of a new production of 'Sunset Boulevard'.

Kacey was involved in a huge domestic abuse storyline during her time on 'EastEnders', in which her character was regularly attacked by her husband Trevor Morgan (Alex Ferns) until she fought back, attacking him with an iron, and he was eventually arrested.

The star recently admitted the hard-hitting plot had a "physical impact" on her and used to leave her "very upset".

She said: "When I was on 'EastEnders', they're long days, they're 12-hour days and they're six days a week. So, I was being Mo longer than I was being myself, and I do think they do have a physical impact. I mean, I would be going home in the car, I would still be sobbing and still would be very upset, to kind of have opened up whatever door there was in there and used all of that and I would still be crying.

"And then I'd begin the next morning, I'd be up at five to be in the next morning and they'd have to turn me upside down on the makeup chair and put cold spoons on my eyes to try and get my eyes to go back to normal so that I could shoot a scene in the café where I gave Dot a bacon sandwich or whatever.

"So it was relentless and it was hard, but you were always aware that you were playing someone else."