Karren Brady says the "only thing" she has learned from 'The Apprentice' contestants in the last 13 years is how "amazed" she is by the women running around in high heels.

Karren Brady reveals 'only thing' she has learned from Apprentice contestants in 13 years

Karren Brady reveals 'only thing' she has learned from Apprentice contestants in 13 years

The 53-year-old businesswoman - who joined the show as Lord Alan Sugar's aide in 2010's sixth series - admitted she hasn't picked up any tips from the wannabes on the BBC business show, apart from being constantly wowed by the female stars' ability to dash about selling products while wearing heels.

Asked if she ever picks up any new tricks or tips from the contestants, she replied: "No. Definitely not, I’m afraid to say.

"I’ll tell you, one thing that amazes me is how the girls run around in those heels. That’s the only thing I learn."

The show first aired in 2005, and is now in its 17th series, and Karren revealed five of the winners are now millionaires.

Quizzed on whether she would've relished such an opportunity when she was starting out, Karren said: "Yeah, definitely. It’s not something I’ve thought about but it’s a wonderful opportunity.

"We’re now recruiting for the next series and anybody who’s thinking about it, give it a go. It is life-changing.

"Alan [Sugar] was telling me that five of the previous winners are now millionaires."

But Karren finds it "frustrating" when the contestants don't work as a team to win the tasks.

She added to the Metro newspaper: "It’s only when they realise that if they work together as a team and win the tasks, then no one gets fired.

"You’d think that is logical and they’d get it right from the get-go, but they don’t.

"Instead, it’s a lot of a***-covering and that’s often where it goes wrong.

"And it’s gone wrong like that for the 17th time. So it can be quite frustrating they haven’t watched the process."